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Round 1 Master Post

Here is the master post for Round 1, we got 7 amazing fics so please take the time to read them and check out the art.

The comm now has a new look and Round 2 sign ups will be starting in April, we hope to see you all there!

Title: I taste the truth in all your lies, the lies in all your truths
Genre: Het
Author: lookinglassgirl
Artist: dhfreak
Pairings: chuck/blair, dan/blair, serena/blair, serena/nate, dan/serena, nate/jenny, nate/blair
Rating: R
Summary: If a heart breaks in a crowded room and no one hears, does it make a difference?

Link to fic: here
Link to art: here

Title: All Roads Lead to Yale
Genre: Het
Author: 7gifts
Artist: honeychuckles
Characters/Pairings: Dan/Blair (Serena, Chuck, Jenny, Rufus and Vanessa all feature)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Takes place after Episode 2.21. Blair is more desperate than ever to get into Yale. She ropes an unwilling Dan into her plans. However, she wasn't expecting the road to Yale to lead to other things

Link to fic: here
Link to art: here

Title: Just Like the Boxcar Children
Genre: Het with a tiny mention of slash at the end...
Author: diamondinsanity
Artist: meg_dallen
Pairings: Chuck/Serena, Chuck/Vanessa, and mentions of Chuck/Blair, Blair/Dan and Nate/Eric
Summary: Their entire lives they've been running away from growing up, from lovers, and most importantly from each other.

Link to fic: here
Link to art: here

Title: That Kind Of Love
Genre: Het, with a side of slash
Author: astoria_potter
Artist: mwmm23
Pairings: Chuck/Blair, Dan/Serena, Nate/Vanessa, Jenny/Wes, Eric/Jonathan
Summary: Nine years after realizing that they both can't have the ones that they love, Chuck and Vanessa agree to marry one another, causing much mayhem.

Link to fic: here
Link to art: here

Title: Mortgaged Hearts
Genre: Het, Gen
Author: supergoddesss
Artist: lookinglassgirl
Characters/Pairings: Blair/Chuck (Serena, Eric, Nate, Lily, Jack, the Mean Girls)
Summary: “I’m not your girlfriend and I’m most definitely not your wife, and I’m sorry for trying to pretend otherwise. I can assure you that it won’t be happening again.” Blair and Chuck attempting to find their way back to each other

Link to fic: here
Link to art: here

Title: Only You
Genre: Het, with a side of slash
Author: genkichiba
Artist: chosenfire28
Characters/Pairings: Dan and Serena, Nate and Jenny, Nate and Casey, Blair/other
Summary: Ten years after DS broke up they are forced to work together editing Dan’s latest novel. The only problem is that this novel is about Serena. Blair is in a strange relationship, but soon realizes that love appears when you least expect it. Nate finds himself questioning his sexuality and stuck in an unusual love triangle. Future Fic AU

Link to fic: here
Link to art: here

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